Make Your Voice Heard

I have been known to rant and rave about all kinds of things, but as yet I haven’t written a blog on the quality of local drinking water. It is not something to sneer at given the problems in Michigan, and around the world. Now I am on a different bandwagon for the moment. I am making my voice heard and letting readers know the importance of finding a solution. Yikes, the planet is deteriorating. The quality of human life is threatened. It is a crisis situation. Do I have your attention? There are many culprits not the least of which are the corporate giants who insist on dumping waste into our lakes and rivers. Is it even safe to drink tap water anymore? I see everyone around me drinking bottled water to ensure purity and taste. At first, I thought it was a fad, but not anymore.

As for me, ranting is one thing; but I also want to take action of some sort. Beyond buying cases of water wholesale, I am adding a filtering system to my kitchen faucet. I have an Aquasource ( and the model lends itself easily to such an accessory. Now it is time to let the world know, starting with my neighbors. I am starting a campaign to have our local water independently tested in a lab, so we can inform the utility company of the results, and any change in practices that may be needed. You can’t trust someone just because they are there doing their job.

It is also time to put up flyers around the neighborhood including the commercial district. I will post them on trees and in store windows. I will have a closeup featured in the center of some bacteria. Above it, the heading will read, “The Frightening Truth.” I will include an email address and Facebook page, so people can find out the date and location of the next group meeting of concerned citizens. If you want to make a protest, you must be in considerable numbers. We won’t stop at writing letters and placing articles in the local newspaper.

Meanwhile I am not afraid to drink or cook with the filtered water from my revamped Aquasource. It is as good as any new model. Thanks to modern technology, I have solved the water problem for myself. Not it is a matter of making the issue known countrywide. In the olden days, people had to boil water. Can you imagine the hassle? Having a solution doesn’t absolve the utility company from improving the quality of their product. I am told that they test regularly, but they can make mistakes. I suspect that they are often at the borderline of acceptability when it comes to certain types of chemical content. While a given level may be legal, it doesn’t satisfy me. We want more than this. We are tired of hearing excuses and that everything will soon be fine. It is a temporary disorder. I am going to hold my water company to its word.