You Are Drinking Government Overreach

Fluoride used to be desirable in water so kids count get fewer cavities. When it was first discovered, it seemed a godsend. Then the tables turned and we no longer wanted any additives at all. People in different parts of Mississippi, for example, lobby for or against it, hoping that the politicians will react favorably. So far it is a government decision that remains in place. If you don’t have children and no longer worry about growing teeth, you may want to filter out any fluoride in your water. It isn’t difficult to do and you can get rid of it fast and easy by installing a reverse osmosis system. A what? You heard right. It is a common type of water filtration that costs only a few hundred dollars for a whole house model.

Let’s say you do like fluoride, but only in your toothpaste. Reverse osmosis is the current preferred technology for attaining pure fluoride-free water, although it is a bit hard to explain. Let me try. You get an automatic efficient system that needs little or no maintenance. You buy a unit that can deliver the right amount of clean water to your home on a daily basis. The larger the family, the larger the system. The process for commercial and residential systems involves a barrier membrane that responds to water pressure to prevent pollutants from passing through. Larger systems involve pumps, flow gauges, monitors, etc. Home units are simpler and can be installed in various places such as under a sink, mounted on a wall, or outside. There is no need to be intimidated as the science is basic. Have a look and you will see that a reverse osmosis membrane comes in a spiral wound configuration. There are two types: cellulose triacetate (CTA), and TFC/TFM (thin film composite or material). One needs a chlorinated water source and one does not. Each has a different daily rate capacity.

Know you see how it works. You can override the dictates of your local or municipal government regarding water. They tell the water companies what to do in terms of additives. You have no impact on them so it is up to you to speak your mind through your vote. Exercise your right as a citizen about something that affects you every day. If not, you can see that there is a way to take the matter into your own hands. Water filtrations systems are in every community and a technician will do all the work. No need to learn installation yourself. Filters and replacement parts are readily available. They explain its operation and what to expect. You will love the taste of ordinary tap water such that you might give up your precious Evian. I know this will save money, especially for large families that guzzle it down.

I can testify to the efficacy and value of a reverse osmosis water filtration system so you don’t even have to read the customer reviews. My blog is the only one you need.