Is it Really “Going Green”?

Talking about the environment and conserving valuable resources is never old hat. There are still many out who are blissfully ignorant of how to go green. Any one can do something to protect our planet. Using non-toxic cleaning products goes a long way toward improving the state of the earth. Think of how many gallons get poured down the drain into our water system. I know you are skeptical about the effectiveness of off-brand solutions, but take it from me, they work just fine. You can get them on line or in most quality stores. If they aren’t stocked, just ask the manager to order them. The more people ask, the more likely they will be sitting on the shelf next time you do your shopping.

Recycling is so easy and most waste and trash companies provide everything you need. It is assumed these days that you can put certain items like plastic water bottles and glass, also aluminum cans, in separate containers. Meanwhile electric cars are another obvious way to participate. They are no longer rare and charging stations are easy to find. This is the mode of the future so get on board now. I know gas prices are falling and it isn’t always a matter of economics; but do it for the next generation.

I love the popularity of solar panels, especially in sunny climates. They save a great deal of money on utility bills and you always have enough electricity since the system stores what you don’t use. They are expensive, but you also get a big tax credit. You can dispose of them when needed without worry as there are professional services that will come to haul them away for you. When it comes to being green, there is always a good solution.

Last but not least, I want to mention the tankless water heater, an ingenious invention that improved the old system immensely. No more ugly, domineering tank lurking in your basement corner like a cylindrical bird of prey. The new state-of-the-art units (you can see them here) are compact in size and take up little space. You just mount it on the wall. You can convert the old area to much-needed storage. Meanwhile, these heaters are economical and save you money on your monthly or quarterly utility bills. In effect, they pay for themselves. You can buy them in different sizes to suit your family needs. You will never experience a cold shower. Instead, you get hot water fast and as much as you want. The only negative is that they work with one outlet at a time. But how bad is it to wait until your shower is over to run the dishwasher or washing machine?

Because this blog is devoted to energy conservation and other environmentally sensitive practices, I should mention that a tankless system uses thirty to fifty percent less energy. They can be electric or work on natural gas or propane. You no longer keep water in a storage tank, sitting there begging to be used. Unless you are filling a hot tub, the tankless system will serve your immediate needs.