New Morning Routine

Do you ever get so busy that you start to feel panicky and overwhelmed? If you are like me, you need to get a grip and create a better schedule or reduce your obligations. While a routine is good, it should be meaningful and work with the hours available. You can’t manufacture more. You know what I mean. It starts early in the morning when you arise to greet the day (with great anticipation or horror if your schedule is packed). I find that I must set a new morning routine if I want to accomplish everything on time. I don’t want a regimented life but I do want to be productive. Who doesn’t? Thus, I devote today’s blog to this subject.

Setting the same time every day to get up is good advice for those of us with regular working hours. If you work at home on a freelance basis, lucky you. For the rest of you, I suggest using an alarm clock to guarantee repetition and reliability. It will operate like clockwork. Ha! No kidding. I wouldn’t be able to do without it. I am, however, going to set it a half hour earlier. You would be surprised the difference it makes. You are ready to roll a bit in advance and have that much additional time to devote to your work or other projects. I must eliminate a few things for a while and it will have to be okay. I like to read the news at breakfast even if just an overview of major events. Opinion articles will have to wait till later for now, which is too bad because this gets me going. I rant and rave internally at what the media has to offer and start thinking of rebuttals and objections. It gives me a spark to motivate me to open my eyes and is also political fodder to share with friends and colleagues. People know what to expect from me in the way of discussion.

My alarm has various programmable settings so I can wake up to the radio, a series of soft beeps, some preselected music, or an array of colored lights. To each his own. For years I have been doing the old, traditional method and now I want a change. A simulated sunrise will be interesting and effective. It is the new wave of wakeup systems. I now see why they are so popular. It is a lot more fun than blaring noise. A few alarm clock tips and tricks can make a real difference in your morning mood. I find that I am less aggressive during the day if I use the sunrise lights.

A perfect day for me now starts with the right alarm setting, a cup of coffee, ten minutes on the CNN website, quick attention to my attire for the day, and a pat on the dog’s head. It is simple and fast, and I am out the door.