I Might Need to Move

Dutiful resident that I am, I attended an HOA meeting in my apartment building ostensibly to talk about security concerns. Self-defense and protection are hot issues these days so I thought the meeting was timely for all of us. There have been thefts reported in the area setting my nerves on edge. I was going to praise the building manager and ask him to extend my sincere appreciation to the owner. I was just about to give myself accolades for being part of social progress in my little community when I found out that the powers that be are more interested in adding an outdoor theater to the pool area.

They had already made their decision and wanted to run it buy everyone expecting nothing but applause. They handed out a print out from https://www.outdoorlightandsound.com/outdoor-backyard-theater-buyers-guide/ to everyone to discuss, but there was no question of a vote. There was no possibility that they would spend a portion of their budget, or all of it, on a security system of any kind. Wow that was asking too much! We could use outdoor motion sensor lights in addition to surveillance cameras. I could make a list of items that should be on their agenda but was frustrated at the direction the discussion took. I felt like moving I was so dejected.

I suppose I will get over it, but I was sorely disappointed. I consider our HOA to be a kind of mini government at work but it turned out to be a dictatorship. This is not what I signed on for when I moved in. I am involved in local issues in my area of Mississippi and extend my view of citizenship to other dimensions. My democratic perspective has no place in the running of my apartment building. None of the other residents seemed to care a whit. I did not expect them to cave in completely when presented with a dictum. What if that happened in our municipal government? The elected officials would not return to office once there terms were up. You can bet on that.

I am not sure why the HOA is so backward and indifferent but it did result in a very nice outdoor theater near the pool area where there is ample space. I see that they gave the selection of the entertainment system great thought, much more than they did to the proposal regarding a security system. There was no discussion of what was needed or whether security would be dealt with in the near future. It is time to lobby the management but I can’t seem to get anyone excited about it. All they are talking about is what films to watch first or whether they could have an adjacent pool party and run an assortment of movies as background.

The building did host an installation party and bought cases of beer and hired a caterer. I think the manager wanted a big pat on the back. I wasn’t about to give it to him.