Voicing my Opinion as a Concerned Citizen

It is amazing how often people tell me that they don’t trust their government–local, regional, or national. This is a sad thing to hear in the United States of America. As citizens, we should voice our concerns to make it better. Accepting defeat is a sorry state of affairs. Meanwhile, I try to read between the lines and not accept the media domination of our political opinions. While I expect that we all understand this and look the other way, it is a glitch in the system.

You might say that I am too cynical, but I am opposed to biased reporting and misrepresentation. I know there is good and bad behind the scenes if you peel away the partisanship, but somehow, we always hear about the negative first. This is the source of much public distrust. At least, I can speak with officials and blog about it to you to promote awareness and concern. We wield our power as a group when it comes time to vote. But before an election, we are barraged with ads and articles that tell us what to think. Let’s clear away the clutter once and for all. I am not done.

Right now, I have issues regarding healthcare and recently visited a politician’s office to express my beliefs. I want a sense of his position before I vote to keep him in office next time his term is up. I prepared some notes. I have to address national policy, what the previous administration left us, and what to do about it in the near future. Healthcare has been and always will be a top domestic issue for every member of society. There isn’t a single citizen who doesn’t worry about it. Rising costs have made reasonable care impossible to afford. There must be a compromise between the Democrats and the Republicans. Both sides have valid views. I am somewhere in between most of the time. I don’t discount a good opinion just because it is not my party’s view.

During my visit, I was treated well and not rushed out the door to make way for another appointment. I got my two cents in and left happy and content. The politician thanked me for sharing and handed me the best backpack for backpack I’d ever seen, with the state logo emblazoned on the front. It would be suitable for business as it was made of a fine material. I am amazed that a promotional item like this was displayed so much quality. You would expect cheap canvas and poor construction. Instead it was fine-grade leather with a multitude of interior pouches and compartments. This must not be what it is given out to your everyday Joe. It has to be reserved for visiting dignitaries. Did he put me in this category? I wanted to find out but was afraid to ask.

I thanked him as he said farewell and added that I could return at any time.